Site Production

Together we start with sketches of the event. These Sketches are the basis for the Cad- drawing.  Based on this, the necessary items to realize the Event are inventoried and quotations are requested from all necessary suppliers. Ofcourse we can use my 'preferred suppliers' with whom cooperations have existed for many years and, where possible, interesting price agreements have also been made or this can be done with the suppliers of your choice.

Next to the inventories and quotations we start with the planning. Again; the Drawing is the basis for everything and because of that; it is always under construction.  In the combination of the elaboration of the CAD drawing and the planning, next steps come to mind: 

  • various delivery agreements are made with suppliers, 
  • safety plans are made and they are observed on site. 
  • Site crew is arranged and
  • The budget is closely monitored.